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Lead a discussion

Photo:  Dalig Photography

Why lead a community discussion on combination prevention?

In addition to condoms, there are now a number of other prevention methods (“combination prevention”) that can help reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting HIV. They provide ways to protect yourself and your partners (“prevention strategies”) that can be used at different times and adapted to different lifestyles.

Increasing the use of combined prevention could significantly reduce the HIV epidemic among gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men over the next few years. To achieve this, individuals and communities need to be aware of the various strategies available today and be able to use them effectively.

As part of the Mobilise! project, we developed a method and educational tools to help address these needs. The method consists of organizing a community discussion on combination prevention, led by one or two community workers or community members (“team leaders”).

The leaders hold a semi-structured discussion (approx. 2 hours) with a group of 6 to 8 participants who have been recruited by the leaders themselves. The discussion aims to:

  • Raise awareness that prevention can be done in different ways and at different times
  • Inform others about the various prevention strategies that are available
  • Break down myths and preconceptions about HIV prevention
  • Provide a safe space to talk about the challenges of HIV prevention and the use of health services
  • Share tips for accessing health services tailored to participants’ needs.