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Combination prevention in 4 cities

posted on 2016-05-22 / IN Results / 0 Comments

A grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) will allow the MOBILISE! team to collaborate with partners in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver to implement and evaluate of a set of innovative combination prevention projects for men who have sex with men. Over the next year, this cross-Canada project will develop models to improve access to prevention and sexual health services.

An evaluation framework will also be developed to measure the impact of the proposed improvements. In addition, discussion and community mobilization initiatives similar to the MOBILISE! project will be implemented in the three other cities. This research will give us the basis to apply for a 5-year grant (2017-2022) to implement and evaluation of models that we develop.

Far from being purely “academic,” this action-research project seeks to have a real impact on the quality of services while improving access to them so you can reduce your risks while enjoying your sex life to the fullest. The project brings together over 50 community members, community organizations, service providers, clinicians, public health officials, and government representatives from across Canada.

By Thomas Haig