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A growing team

posted on 2015-09-15 / IN Results / 0 Comments

In August 2015, Thomas Haig (based at COCQ-SIDA) became coordinator of the MOBILISE! project. He replaces Alvaro Herrera who left the coordinator position in July 2015. We would like to thank Alvaro for his important contribution to the project and we wish him every success in his future endeavours. In September, we welcomed Patrice Bécotte (based at RÉZO) as the new outreach worker for MOBILISE!.

The project steering committee has also grown with the addition of 10 new researchers and knowledge users: Marianne Beaulieu (Université de Sherbrooke); Jorge Flores Aranda (Coalition Plus); Gabriel Girard (IRSPUM/Université de Montréal); Bruno Laprade (UQAM); Alain Léobon (CNRS); David Lessard (McGill); Maria Nengeh Mensah (UQAM); Sarah Mathieu-Chartier (Université de Montréal); Cécile Tremblay (Université de Montréal); Roberto Ortiz (RÉZO). We are thrilled to welcome them and look forward to their contributions to the project!

Image: Revital Solomon (used with permission under the Creative Commons License).

By Thomas Haig